• The Right message for the
    Right audience at the
    Right time through the
    Right channel


Our PR team at Poorvi Digismart is specialised in raising the profile of all types of business, including law firms and accountancy firms. Our wide range of PR services includes traditional and digital PR and public affairs, as well as social media, branding and website design, events and media training. Our internal communications team involves in leadership evaluation, employee engagement and strategic advice to ensure that your brand maintains the right image. Our creativity and ingenuity will amplify your campaign, thus helping your voice reach the people that matter most.

We can handle public relations professionally, be it employee issues or that of institution image building. We help you to arrange press meets, curtain raisers, brand launch, social awareness campaigns etc. Your ideas are important to us and you will gain the maximum from the media approach we have in public relations.

Poorvi Digismart is committed to being the most effective and efficient provider of public relations services to the professional and financial services sectors.

Goals of Public Relations

  • Create, Maintain, and Protect the Organization's Reputation
  • Enhance its Prestige
  • Present a Favourable Image
  • Create Good will for the Organization
  • Educate Certain Audiences about Many Things Relevant to the Organization - including the Business in General, New Legislation, and How to Use a Particular Product - as well as to Overcome Misconceptions and Prejudices